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Editors - Step up!  Why all the listings that say  "Tab"  or "Tabbed by..."  when there is nothing remotly like a Tab there???
Tab stands for tablature which is a system for showing every note.  Almost everything on Chordie is a Chord Chart, which is great when you are looking for a chord chart, but if you want a Tab, you may or may not get one when you click on a listing that says "Tab."  If you don't know the difference you should not be an editor.     As a site user, if you want a TAB, you waste time checking the ones that say TAB, but are not,  and if you want a chord chart you might miss one you would like because it says TAB.
Chordie could be the site that actually gets it right.


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its not the editors fault the editing feature is disabled due to copyright issues by the webmaster till further notice

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Hello snworks and welcome to Chordie.

Chordie is a search engine that gathers guitar tabs, guitar chords, and lyrics from a ton of resources out there in cyber land. There are sites, which I will not promote here on Chordie, that concentrate and deal with guitar tablature exclusively. Sorry if you feel like your time was wasted by dropping by here on Chordie. 294,722 members of Chordie might beg to differ with your opinion but thanks for the input nontheless.

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Sorry if I offended you Southpaw - I think as a result you assumed a lot about my post.

Let me add a preface -  I think Chordie is great! Of all the similar sites out there Chordie has been my "go to" when I want to learn a song.  I've been using it for years. I've even clicked on some ads, and bought something once.

If you read my post it says "As a site user" when I refer to wasting time.   It is the post of a frustrated user.   Also, my point has nothing to do with whether or not Chordie should have more  tablature or not.  The point is that IF something is labeled TAB, then it would be great to actually get a tablature when you click on it.    THAT is my opinion, and I think that many of the 294,721 other members would agree.   

Seems like something could be done to encourage that new songs added would be labeled correctly. 

As far as the existing archive goes,  if it were possible to remove the TAB designation from chord charts, then members who care about this kind of thing could do it as they visit, along with editors.

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